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Course Objectives

To revise and enhance analytic skills in order that participants will become:

  • Structured and focused in their approach to analysing corporate credit risk
  • More effective in assessing the success of a company's business model and the appropriateness of a company's capital structures (i.e. the degree of liquidity and the ability to service debt)
  • Better equipped to critique the terms and conditions of credit instruments to ensure that they reflect the commercial needs of the business and protect the debt provider's position.

The course makes extensive use of case studies, live examples and exercises to ensure that the training is highly interactive, practical, topical and challenging. Case studies are drawn from a number of countries and industries and provide participants with the opportunity to practice the application of the analytic frameworks and tools in context of real situations. The emphasis is on developing critical judgement; participants are required to be focused, practical and realistic in their approach.

Target Audience

Experienced lending bankers, fixed income professionals and fund managers involved in the provision of credit.
Participants should have a firm grasp of accounting and have credit experience before attending this programme.



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